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Lifestyle and Care Management   

helping people live to their fullest ability on their terms.

Living Plan

Most people have end of life documents - all the things you need so your doctors and loved ones can manage how you want your life to end.  I work with individuals to create a Living Plan.  What do you enjoy doing and how can you keep doing those things? How important is living at home, traveling, being close to family? Under what circumstances will you give up driving and how do you want to get around after that? If you need to move into a retirement community, what features are most important? 

What does this diagnosis mean?
Hearing that you have an illness or chronic condition is daunting.  As the doctor continues to speak, you hear and process less and less of what is said.  I work with families to understand the diagnosis and to create a care plan that works for the patient and the family. 
Short Term, Long Term and End of Life Planning
When it comes to end of life wishes, over 50% of people admit that they have not communicated their preferences to their families or loved ones. Frequently those conversations do not come up until there is a crisis – either a chronic/terminal diagnosis or an accident.  I facilitate family discussions around end of life and/or change in life events. The result is an agreed upon action plans for your unique situation. 

Care Coordination and Supervision
On going communication between Families, Doctors, Home Care, Home Health, Etc to make sure needs are being met and client is safe.  

Assist with the evaluation of various options and make recommendations based on experience and understanding of family values, in the areas of: Home Care, Home Health, Respite Care, Assisted Living, Rehab, Skilled Nursing, Memory Care, Hospice, etc.